10 Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

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10 Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas–Pack a punch with newly painted kitchen cabinets. This time-tested technique of giving cabinets a tidy appearance has been advanced with recently developed paints that make your job easier. When you comparison the minimal cost of paint and products to the extremely high cost of new kitchen cabinets, painting your cabinets is a clear champion.Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Before launching head-first right into this project, however, keep in mind that this project is greater than a fast, one-day job. Every item in your kitchen cabinets must be removed and securely kept. Doors and cabinets need to be removed. Every surface that you intend to paint first requires comprehensive cleaning. Choose a couple of instructions when painting kitchen cabinets: using products put together separately or functioning with all-in-one surfacing sets made particularly for cabinets.

Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas From Scratch

Buying supplies individually for painting cabinets offers the best versatility and range of color choices. Supplies, consisting of guide, paint, and devices, are fairly affordable and are easy to obtain. These consist of:

100-percent polymer or oil-based paints
TSP (tri-sodium phosphate), a inexpensive cleaning service
Container and clean sponges
Tack cloth
Putty and putty blade
Roller frame
Roller covers
Electrical oscillating sander
Top quality paintbrushes
High-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) paint sprayer (optional)
Painting Cabinets Using a Set
Cabinet painting sets consist of a lot, but not all, of the products you need. Cabinet painting sets have the tendency to be expensive, often more expensive compared to the amount of their components. One prominent brand name, Cabinet Changes from Rustoleum, offers a multi-stage process that allows you paint not just timber cabinets but melamine and laminate cabinets, as well.

Cabinet painting sets help you to rejuvenate your cabinets through a four-step process:

Use a deglosser, after that clean it off with a tidy cloth.
Roll or clean on a bond layer, which acts as a kind of guide and color base for the succeeding glaze.
Use the decorative glaze.
Use the safety top layer.
Here are 10 kitchen areas with exceptionally painted cabinets to influence your project.

1. Black Kitchen Cabinets With a Smooth Milk Paint Finish

Rich black graces these painted kitchen cabinets. Black cabinets can be chic, modern, sleek, and warm, sometimes all at the same time. Pick your preferred detailed word and black simply might in shape the expense. That is because black is stylistically so versatile. But it does have one significant drawback: All your cabinet’s defects will show up.

Black Kitchen Cabinets

Lifestyle blogger Tammy Ellington concurs: “It is so unforgiving. It shows every defect in the timber together with clean strokes and accidents, but it is also beautiful when succeeded.” Tammy’s trick to drawing off this project effectively is milk paint. It lays down perfectly and shows almost no clean notes. Tammy used Basic Finishes’ Milk Paint in Light Black color.

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2. Accuracy Matters

Is it feasible to paint your kitchen cabinets without the included hassle of previous fining sand and priming? For some homeowners, this troublesome job is the single challenge that prevents them from billing in advance with the project at all.

Tasha Agruso of the popular blog site Developer Caught in a Lawyer’s Body decided to try painting without fining sand and priming. Instead compared to simply cleaning on paint and hoping for the very best, Tasha entered the project with near-scientific accuracy, and it functioned. After some thought, she wrapped up that it’s feasible to paint your cabinets without fining sand and priming, but it takes focus and treatment. Tasha records that the cabinet paint finish is still going solid also years after it wased initially used.

3. Historic Elegance

An awesome, measured balance of classic elegance notifies these painted kitchen cabinets. Williamsburg, Virginia-based designer Jennifer Hudson at the design blog site, Dear Lille Workshop, acquired these painted kitchen cabinets from the previous proprietor. Jennifer thinks that the color is Benjamin Moore Lampblack. Lampblack was a charcoal-tinged color typically found in 18th- and 19th-century wallpapers.elegance Black Kitchen Cabinets

4. Chalkboard Surprise

Kitchen cabinet outside, chalkboard on the inside. This unexpected touch is simple to accomplish when you buy easy-to-apply chalkboard paint and roll it on the within your cabinet doors. Produce a grocery store shopping list or simply say “I love you” to any relative that happens to be the next individual to unlock. Chalkboard paint is affordable and water-based, so it cleanses up well. This kitchen is the development of home improvement blogger Virginia Plunkett, whose extremely popular tutorial demonstrates how to painlessly paint your cabinets.

5. Quality Over Amount

Shining chrome draws, new train ceramic floor tile, and a Kohler sink are the complements to Diane Henkler’s totally remodeled kitchen. And the centerpiece of that’s her diy painted kitchen cabinets. One word of advice from Diane: “Springtime for top quality paint.” To that finish, she selected Valspar Bonding/Securing Guide complied with by paint from the ProClassic brand name by Sherwin-Williams. For a high-visibility project such as this, it’s important to purchase higher-quality items that ensure long-lasting outcomes.

6. Calm and Cozy

The celebrity of this kitchen isn’t simply the gorgeous velvety white color and smooth finish on the cabinets. The lack of financial investment in high valued splashing equipment makes these painted cabinets doubly great. Home design blogger Laura at The Blue-green Home, intent on having actually a fantastic kitchen without buying what she phone telephone calls “elegant equipment,” spent significant labor and a great deal of swearing, but says she would certainly do everything again in a heartbeat. Because the choice of paint is important, she picked 2 champions: Ace Hardware’s Door, Cut and Cabinet Paint, together with Benjamin Moore’s Advance Paint.

7. Two-Toned Cabinets

kitchen cabinets

An upstate New York home built throughout the 1880s deserves unique handling throughout a renovate. Abbey Hendrickson, at the design blog site Visual Outburst, understood that she wanted a classic and calm state of mind for her farmhouse kitchen. Simply to free the current cabinets of their dark, depressing brownish color, Abbey and her hubby first splashed all them white. After that, they left the top wall surface cabinets white but painted the lower base cabinets an abundant, moody color accented with Martha Stewart’s brand name of brass draws.

8. From Dark to Light

Dark kitchen cabinets afflict many homeowners. But Christy’s cabinets were so dismal that she phone telephone calls them “dark, dark, and more dark.” Exacerbating the problem were the black granite countertops. So, the first agenda was to use 2 layers of guide, a required step since the cabinets were so dark. Cabinets stayed white, while the kitchen island was painted a light-blue color called Campfire Ash from Behr. Mother-of-pearl ceramic floor tile for the backsplash includes much more shimmer to this space.

9. Personality Change

Not content to deal with her oak cabinets and feeling favorably “consumed by timber,” Kassandra Dekoning took definitive measures and painted over the timber. Her plan of attack involved Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 Water-Based Guide and Benjamin Moore’s Advance Paint in Pearl Finish. The outcome is a smooth, advanced color design that births no similarity to the previous nation design red oak. Most importantly, she invested significantly much less on the project compared to if she had changed the cabinets entirely.

10. Professional Touch

Aniko’s kitchen underwent a couple of changes before showing up at its present gorgeous appearance. When Aniko first relocated, the kitchen cabinets were builder’s quality red oak. After switching to Shaker-style cabinets, she still understood she wanted something various. Time for a two-toned cabinet design, both shades from Home Depot’s house brand name, Behr. The top cabinets were splashed in Behr’s workhorse color for cut and housing, Extremely Pure White. The base cabinets received Behr Evening Club in a satin finish.